Calico Sunset at Part 2 Gallery

Part 2 Gallery is proud to present Calico Sunset, a group exhibition opening July 14th at 12pm in Downtown Oakland. Calico Sunset will feature to works of local artists Ben Quinn, Brett Amory, Erik Bender, Paige Valentine and Sam Spano, alongside Caleb Hahne, Emma Webster, Kenichi Hoshine, and Maja Ruznic.

Going Full Circle: Podcast Interview with Jessica Rivas, Artist and Marketing Associate at Art Miami Fairs

On this episode, Kat chats with Jessica Rivas, artist and Marketing Associate at Art Miami Fairs. 

Enjoy this fun conversation about her sketches, photography, vlog and maintaining an art practice while balancing other responsibilities in sunny Miami. Jessica shares her creative journey and the story of how destiny always seems to bring her back to art. 

Brooke Sauer

“Regardless of what medium I employ, my work celebrates my love and awe of nature. In my newest series of cyanotypes I combine my background in painting with my love of photography and botany as I explore a sense of place and observe how native and non native species of flora and fauna.”

Jack Rowland

Through his hyper real and high key chromatic oil paintings, Jack Rowland aims to alter our perception of the natural world and invite us to re-discover our familiar landscapes. 

Joey Brock 

Joey Brock is a mixed-media visual artist whose work is anchored in abstract expressionism influenced by urban and natural landscapes, street art, and graphic, minimalist forms. He was born in Texas and raised in Colorado, receiving an Associate of Applied Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising. 

James Oliver

“Oliver is a conceptually driven formalist whose work is inspired by his dreams and emotional states, which he abstracts into an undetermined and subjective viewing experience by emphasizing line, color, and form.”

Laura Kaktina

“I create larger paintings daily, but the miniature illustrations are a way to spur up my creativity and loosen up the often serious and well-considered approach I have towards larger scale canvases.”

Lindsey Warren 

“I make paintings using an arrangement of shapes to construct images of moments I experience during daily activities. I capture observations using photographs, later comparing them to my memory of the time.”