Shawn Theodore

Shawn Theodore is a Philadelphia based multi-disciplinary artist, whose recent photographic work encompasses investigations of African American and African Diasporic life within disappearing Black American neighborhoods.

Aubrie Costello 

Aubrie Costello is a fiber artist from Philadelphia working to blur the lines between fine and street art. Known for her ephemeral site-specific silk installations, Costello’s work explores the tension between what’s kept private versus what’s shared publicly.

Terry Baker

“The unconscious – or even a higher consciousness within – is always guiding and expressing ideas in the creative process. Randomness, chance, and accidents/mistakes are both collaborators and tools for me.”

Ping Hatta

“Bright, bold – and sometimes, funny – is how Ping Hatta perceives fashion. Her recent works celebrate the excitement (and the unexpected) that the fashion industry brought into the world.”

Valentine Aprile

“I am creating psychological portals, or visual meditations, marrying abstraction and life study by utilizing both traditional techniques and intuitive improvisation.  My work is informed by observation of human behavior and sociopolitical events as well as my own life experiences.”

Ali Williams

“Ali is interested in how visually altering a space with public art affects the surrounding environment. Her murals invite you inside a collaged, fabricated dreamscape of paint, mysterious beauty, and contemporary iconography.”

Trusting Your Intuition: Podcast Interview With Dan Lam

On this episode, Kat chats with artist Dan Lam about her personal story, creative journey and the evolution of her sculptures. The artist shares her intuitive approach to art-making and talks about why artists should focus on developing their craft before anything else. Dan also shares tips on navigating the world of social media and offers advice for artists looking to use Instagram to grow their career.