Embracing The Weird, Wild and Wonderful (Podcast Interview with Shelby McFadden)

On this episode of Art and Cocktails, Kat chats with graphic designer Shelby McFadden about her creative journey, falling in love with design, and eventually leaving her 9-5 to pursue her dreams. Shelby is a designer, founder and editor of Pikchur Magazine and the designer for Create! Magazine. Shelby also talks about the inspiration behind her new magazine, what inspires her and offers branding tips for creatives.

Elizabeth Bergeland

“My work always seems to find its beginning and end at our one shared end (which is also possibly a beginning): death. The fact that this is the only shared experience every living thing will have constantly informs my work.”

David Bellard

David Bellard is a Seattle-based artist working in film photography and video installation. His process involves shooting, cutting, and reconstructing slide film to create new celluloid compositions, which he then enlarges for large-scale prints.

Dan Bina

Dan's work addresses themes of identity, media, culture, gender, and commerce. His series of non-sequitur watercolor and ink paintings explore found imagery and text.

Chrysta Kay

“My work is heavily influenced by nature and how humans interact and connect with the natural world. Through the illustrations I create, I hope to convey the idea that we are all woven from the same fabric. “

Annie Norbeck

“My most recent work is informed by the horizon, rural and wild spaces, human infrastructure interwoven into the landscape, feelings evoked by the human impact on the environment, and a deep and constant need to connect with nature.”