Zofia Bogusz

Zofia paints lone women amid bold animals and/or dramatic landscapes, often using the contrast of deep black and luminous color to highlight the intensity between the individual and the external world.

Nick Robles

"By infusing personality and energy into inanimate material through portraiture, I explore personal identity and what it is to be a conscious being. I experiment with different processes and unorthodox materials as I search for new applications and results that excite me, all while allowing the images to evolve as I work to better explore this theme.

Monika Malewska

Malewska’s most recent series of paintings consists of large-scale watercolors depicting various wreath-like arrangements made of bacon. Most of them are symmetrical and somewhat reminiscent of the Rorschach inkblot test.

Jessie Makinson

Jessie Makinson creates ethereal atmospheres in oils with creamy, luscious palettes, combining them with intricate patterns that form bold flatness and brilliant contrast.

Grace Lang

"Continually preoccupied with the concept of personal demons, my work reflects the internal struggles that plague us all, creating visual expressions of those dark little thoughts that are at once frightening and sort of funny.

Marna Shopoff

Marna Shopoff is a visual artist with an emphasis on abstract painting and intuitive drawing. Interested in the concepts of design and spatial relationships, her work explores the idea of perception, place identity, and visual memory.