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What’s this about?

Hello, fellow artists!

If your goals include being published, having more and better exhibition opportunities, using social media to elevate your public image and finding gallery representation, the strategies outlined in our book can help. We’ve integrated our combined knowledge and experiences building our respective careers in the art world and put together our best tips and tricks in this easy-to-follow guide. 

During our years in art school and in the early part of our careers, we both struggled with so many questions about how to show our work, market ourselves, and make the transition from student to professional. This guide is what we wished we had back then! It is full of our personal experiences and anecdotes, our mistakes, our successes, our failures, our fears, and our dreams. Our hope is that you can use this book as a resource to help you move ahead in your career as an artist - whether you are just starting out or seeking the next level. 


Alicia and Ekaterina

Not sure if this book is right for you? Read the Q&A with the authors here.


About The Authors

Ekaterina Popova is an artist, podcaster, curator and the founder of Create! Magazine. She has a passion for painting and providing opportunities to artists of all career levels. Since starting the magazine, she has had the pleasure of attending numerous exhibitions and art fairs, interviewing emerging and established artists, and working with leading curators. This experience has helped her to not only achieve more in her art career but also to learn the fundamental traits of many successful creatives. Her work has been featured in international exhibitions, art fairs and publications.

Alicia Puig is an arts writer, social media consultant and the Director of Business Operations for Create! Magazine who has worked for notable galleries, museums, art fairs and an auction house throughout her career both in the US and abroad. While her early career focused on arts administration, she has since pivoted to specialize in online sales, content creation, website management and digital marketing for the arts. She enjoys connecting with artists to learn about their work and help them find opportunities to exhibit, be published and make sales.

What’s inside

81 pages

  • Your Artist Resume

  • Stress Free Tips for Writing Your Artist Statement

  • The Do’s and Dont’s of Applying to Galleries 

  • Aiming for Rejection Letters 

  • Finding Opportunities for Your Art  

  • Why Have an Exhibition?

  • Your Facebook Guide

  • Using Instagram for Your Art Career

  • How to Use Hashtags 

  • Ways to Connect With Your Audience

  • Tips to Help You Get More Features Online

  • Your Artist Website

  • Mailing List Basics

What our Readers are saying

Great guide to getting started on an art career. Solid information that should probably have been taught in art school, but apparently it never is. For less than the price of a pizza, you can save years of figuring it out on your own!
— David Wolanski
If you’re starting your art career, get this. It fills in what art school left out. It’s full of practical advice on everything from how to write your artist statement to crushing it on Instagram. Get it!
— Alonsa Guevara
This is a wonderful guide focused on emerging and midcareer artists. Written from an honest and relatable perspective, from creatives to creatives. The authors do a fantastic job highlighting the various approaches to writting resumes, finding opportunities in the art world and navigating social media. A valuable resource to have in your book collection. Get it!
— Nicolle Cure
This guide is an incredible resource for anyone looking to up their game in their art career! My favorite thing about this book is that it’s a short, no-bs guide to utilizing tools already available to us and making them work in your favor for more engagement online and beyond! I’ll definitely be requiring my future college students to read this book.
— Claira Heitzenrater
This book is excellent for any emerging artist trying to grow their business. It’s written in a concise & easy-to-understand format. I received it yesterday, read it today, and will begin utilizing the information now!
— Evin Felix
A great read with easy to follow tips for moving your art career forward. For me it was really reassuring that I was doing what I needed too!
— Virgina Beebe
Easy read with great information that is easy to follow and implement. Just what I needed.
— Jim