All in Art

Forrest Lawson

“Through sculpture and assemblage, my work explores the array of complexities experienced by individuals within the gay community. I create work to reveal internal and external resentments with a variety of mediums and symbolism.”

Charmaine Koh

“A painter and new media artist, Koh's work explores dissonance, sentimentality, nostalgia, and place. In her paintings, this takes the form of imaginary landscapes constructed out of a jumble of common tropes and motifs.”

Val Shamma

“I see electronic devices as objects of devotion, vessels that contain and inform memory, sites of visceral interactions between the animate and inanimate, mediators of communication, and signifiers of change.”

Andrea Taylor

“Andrea seeks to access the power and the vulnerability of the feminine embodied experience, creating works for her own exploration and, equally, to engage in conversations with other works and with the body and mind of the viewer.”