All in Issue III

La Shuks

Having lived in Korea, Hong Kong, Dubai, the U.S, U.K. and Australia, La Shuks blends her childhood obsession with Asian packaging graphics, advertising & character brands, with a love for the stunning & tranquil Northern American wilderness.

Paula Cahill 

Paula Cahill cannot stop painting and she has no plans to quit. Initially, a figurative painter, Cahill recently immersed herself in the development of a personal visual language rooted in historical and conceptual constructs. Meandering lines, color fields, drips, buildings, sharks, and splatters all coalesce to put forth paintings that serve as cryptic notations on her experiences and conversations, real and imagined. 

Meech Miyagi

Meech Miyagi is a sculptor who expresses observations of nature and explores established constructs of society. Miyagi, weaves copper wire into forms that resemble the mechanism of bacterial colonies. A bacterial colony operates in a symbiotic relationship, one that relies on a beneficial or detrimental exchange. Metaphorically, these studies represent the creation, effect, and role of belief systems from around the world. 

Lori Hyland 

Lori Hyland is an abstract painter who has lived her entire life in Los Angeles. She took her undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California and then attended Pratt Institute and School of Visual Arts in New York. Additionally, she studied with Koho Sensei in traditional Japanese Sumi-e and Tom Wudl. Lori's work has been shown in galleries in Europe and the U.S.

Lynn Rybicki

Lynn Rybicki was born in Chicago, Illinois and has lived in Baltimore for most of her life. She studied painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art and has been painting and showing her work for over 20 years in the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Her work is included in numerous private collections and in the Maryland Artist Collection of the University of Maryland University College.

Kathran Siegel

Born in 1944 and raised in Forest Hills, Queens, Kathran Siegel attended Bennington College, where she studied painting with Paul Feeley. She worked toward an MFA at the University of New Mexico, helped develop the visual arts program at UCSD in La Jolla, lived and painted in a Manhattan loft, and taught at the University of Florida in Gainesville. 

Pete Hoffecker Mejia

Born in Bogota, Colombia, of Indigenous descent, yet raised in the United States, Pete Hoffecker Mejía’s work assembles indigenous patterns of the Americas, retail and home décor motif, and Modernist geometric abstraction, to explore the intersection of contrasting cultural influence, the mediation of identity, and conflation and caricature in the representation of ‘otherness’. 

Lisa Haskell

Lisa Haskell received a BFA and graduated summa cum laude with departmental honors as valedictorian of her class from Moore College of Art and Design in 2010. Lisa has received various awards, most notably, the Frieda Fehrenbacher Travel Fellowship for travel to Stockholm Sweden. 

Wen Liu

Wen Liu was born in Shanghai, China and is currently based in Chicago. Her process of transforming and reconstructing objects in her sculptures explores subtle and unexpected contrasts and connections, which weave into innovative narratives.

Tiffany Lynn Cuffley

Artist Tiffany Lynn Cuffley's recent work plays with the idea of abstract, unpredictable layers contrasting with detailed and precise illustrated structures; her work is sometimes frantic and explosive with colour representing the layers and depth each experience holds. 

Valerie Coursen

"I drew and painted as a child then in high school I took the train to Boston U. for figure drawing classes on Saturdays. Four years at RISD was a time of exploration and managing the student-run coffee shop as well as organizing art shows."