All in Issue IV

Victoria Rose Martin 

My work is a reflection of life. The pieces are memories of people, places and things I have known. In the small faces, I can see members of my family, people I once knew, and even myself. The work tends to be whimsical with a slightly dark under current. My sculptural forms are hand built using lowfire clay.

Vanessa Lam

Vanessa Lam uses mixed media painting and assemblage to explore the hidden stories behind everyday objects. In her recent work, she compares the thinking process to be like “rearranging mental furniture” where shifting deep-seated beliefs are akin to physical exertion.

Tahnee Kelland 

It's taken me about 6 or 7 years to find "my style". I was always looking for a short cut and hoping I'd find it over night. But all the advice I received was, unfortunately, correct it takes a lot of work and a lot of time. I also get bored easily so I'm not sure if that helped or hindered.

Rosie Wright 

Inspired by the patterns and beauty found in nature, I interpret my designs using traditional embroidery methods which I try to add a modern twist to. I use a wide variety of beads, sequins and thread to create textured colour combinations.

Monica De Mitri

Observing art from the point of view of the artist, today we find always less its functional and evident role declared in the form of specific activity, filtering from this highly cultural category according which he has traditionally declined to do.

Molly Catherine Scannell 

"Words have never been my friend. I consider myself mostly, a visual social hermit. I love my friends intensely and love having fun, but I will always sneak away and mostly, curiously, secretly observe the world as it whirls around me with a big smile.

Michela Martello 

Artist Michela Martello was born in Grosseto, Italy. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in illustration from Europe Institute of Design, after which she published works in over 30 books, primarily children’s book illustrations. In 1993 she shifted her focus to painting and had her first exhibition in Milano and New York.

Michael Claire

My work usually explores themes of pollution and infrastructure, but lately, I've been inspired more by dance and music. This series was done after a long and restless night's drive and reflects the playlist that accompanied that journey.