All in Issue IX

Sarah Winkler

“My approach to landscape painting involves selecting textural elements of mountain or desert geology and rearranging them into a utopian vision of Open Space where the only human encroachment in these invented worlds is the artist and the viewer.”

Kaetlyn Able

“I create dreamy portraits based on found historical photographs. Using tattoo needles and an x-acto blade, I etch into thin layers of black ink that I have painted onto white clay panels.”

Sally West

“I am predominantly an en Plein air painter. I like to work outdoors and produce an immediate response to my environment. I also work in my studio to produce still life works and portraits.”

Ying Chew

“I am interested in challenging the distinction between art and craft. My aim is to explore the connections between art, craft and technology and through this to focus on aspects of the human condition.”