Caroline Pedler

"I class myself as a children’s book illustrator and have illustrated more than 50 books in about 23 languages. I illustrate other things too and lecturer on a BA Hons Illustration course and run workshops in various creative techniques, inc children’s illustration and collage. I have spent the last few years creating a new, authorial body of work that includes a daily collage project, a more fine art biased body of work for exhibition and my sketchbooks from life. I also love making my own small print, small run limited editions books.

Each of theses disciplines represents a different need in me as a creative and allows me to respond to life, and offers my view of the world to others. My sketchbooks are pre-prepared with paint washes and I then use different environments to respond quickly and honestly too, intuitively editing the information I place on the page as I go. My collage allows me to make quick-fire images that are fun and dynamic and that allow me to respond to my materials through fun and immediacy, letting textures and colours lead the way, and then there’s the more visceral release of energy and emotion in my paintings that are in direct response and contrast to the prescribed nature of my briefed, commercial children’s books, and serves as an antidote.

My collage project started in Jan 2015 and will finish in Jan 2016. I have around 100 collages to go and have made one a day for the past 263 days. I post them all on Instagram under Collage_365 and feel awkward when I post ones I don’t particularly like. It’s been hard to be creative every day while going through a lot of hard times, but I’ve done it and determined to finish it. It’s made me realise how important it is to be in the right frame of mind when creating work, and not to rush pieces. To sit with a piece, or an idea for a while, let it all seep in, so you are sure that it’s right. It’s made me want to focus and hide when I finish it."

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