Anne Cecile Surga

Anne Cecile was born in 1987 in Lavelanet, France. She demonstrated a natural interest in art and other manual activities during her childhood, and in 200 she entered her first drawing and painting class. She learned classical rules of compositions, anatomy, and harmony of colors along with different techniques such as drawing, pastel, China ink and oil painting. This first classical study of art would be the foundation for the artistic development to come.

Anne Cecile enrolled in a business school in 2006 while studying clay sculpture in the evening. She later graduated with a Master in Business Administration. This was also the period when she took all the opportunities offered to her to travel and discover the world. Her travels brought her to live in countries such as Mexico, Turkey, in Florida, and in Singapore; and she traveled to even more countries. In 2012, she went to New York City where she graduated with a Master in Art History. Because of her exposure to a multitude of aesthetics and cultures, Anne Cecile is inclined to develop a universal artistic style: a style that aims to be understandable by most people, an art that speaks directly to the heart of the viewer.

In 2013 Anne Cecile stayed at the Fundacion Pablo Atchugarry, Uruguay where she learned how to cut marble. Following this experience marble becomes her favorite material, but she will keep on creating with other material such as papier mache, plaster, and steel. In 2015, she decided to entirely dedicate her life to her artistic practice and open her studio in the Pyrenean Mountains in France. Little did she know these mountains were full of marble as well. She thus integrated French marble to her practice, while keeping on working on Carrara marble.


Through my art practice, I aim at exploring the values inherent to human nature. I am extremely interested in the question of the definition of the self and how much the social context in which we evolve is responsible in shaping our image. As a woman artist, I am slightly more focused on defining women’s identity. The current consumption society sends out tonnes of messages to every human, thus influencing how we see ourselves and how we want to define ourselves.

I believe there is a psychological triangle between who we really are, what society tells us to be, and the image of ourselves we decide to project onto society. The realization of the self is often placed as the ultimate goal or success in life, and I am exploring whether or not this can be perceptible knowing that we are not 100% in control of who we are. The majority of my works is inspired by the human body. However, instead of following exact anatomic rules, I deform the bodies and proportions, I twist and turn them in order to express my different messages.

I like to create different levels of interpretation in my works, thus giving keys to the viewer to understand the subject I address without offering one single interpretation of the artwork. Each artwork becomes public as soon as it is offered to the viewer's eyes, and I leave it to the viewer to construct his or her understanding of what is in front of him.

All images courtesy of Anne Cecile Surga