Brian Spolans

I am an artist and instructor based in Southeast Michigan. My work has been exhibited at 500X Gallery in Dallas, Gallery Aferro in New Jersey, Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Arts Gallery in New Orleans, International Print Center of New York, and Published in New American Paintings and Fresh Paint Magazine. I have co-curated the exhibition “Post Apocalypse” at Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, and “Non-Text,” at Eastern Michigan University where I am the area head for printmaking.


I direct my memory towards familiar objects that hold a metaphorical context and then recreate and invent how those objects relate to one another. The images end up representational but symbolic, where the “thingness” of the object is described, but not fully captured or realized. It’s this space, of Uncanny objects, and imitative incompleteness, that I explore.

All images courtesy of Brian Spolans