Diane Pribojan

Diane received her BFA at the Cleveland Institute of Art in drawing and her MFA at Kent State University in painting. She has exhibited her work throughout the northeastern US in solo and group exhibitions. Diane also won the Postmark America Design contest for the post office in Hinckley, Ohio, her hometown. Also, recently she has received a corporate commission at Acme Corporation in Akron, Ohio. Diane is represented by Harris Stanton Gallery in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio.


The house has been Diane's primary focus lately. Narrowing in on one subject has allowed her to explore and expand on one idea. This focus has caused an explosion of ideas to manifest. In order not to get overwhelmed, she keeps a sketchbook to capture all of her ideas. Along with her interests now, her work is rooted in her past work and influences including the Cubists and Constructivists. She associated with these movements because of the creating and flattening of space, use of color and minimalist qualities.


All images courtesy of Diane Pribojan