Evelina Petrenko

(b.1979) is a Russian painter working in Florida. She is a self-taught artist, and she has engaged in various forms of arts and crafts since early childhood. Evelina started actively painting using acrylic mediums in 2015. Her works serve as meditations that bring conscious and subconscious worlds together and invite viewers to contemplate the intricacies of human experience and beauty of one’s existence.

Evelina’s works are influenced by her geographic origins as well as her love for abstract expressionism. Delicate and playful strokes inspired by technique in Russian folk art merge with vibrant abstract bodies of fused acrylic mediums. Both elements create a chaotic and unpredictable flow that demonstrates natural complexity and disorder eventually brought to a beautiful balance and harmony. Colors and lines emerge from the inner feelings of the moment, allowing the process to be therapeutic and restoring.

Her career as a clinical therapist and a social worker allowed Evelina to become a part of human experience across all generations, genders, nationalities, and religion. In her attempt to alleviate human discomfort and assist people during moments of change, Evelina helps construct the reality that is meaningful and satisfying, and this pursuit is reflected in her paintings. Each work is a playground where continuous discovery, expression, and restoration take place. Evelina exhibited her work at the Avalon Island Art Gallery in Orlando. Her work is currently showing at the Derek Gores Gallery in Melbourne, Florida.