Garry D Harley

This series of digital paintings was created using adjacent values, selective areas of colors and lines to create a visual illusion of surface, light, form, space, movement and depth. Each final digital painting is issued as an original (only one).

The tools used in this work were digital, and the printing method is digital printing using the metal sublimation process.

This series is titled FLUIDIZATION….the images are inspired by a process called fluidization which refers to a process where a static, solid-like state changes to a dynamic fluid-like state.

Graham Wallas (The Art of Thought) suggests that the creation process includes… preparation, incubation, inspiration, and elaboration. Of these, my work has also been inspired by the works of Josef Albers, Anuszkiewicz, Birren and others and rests on the foundation set forth in The Principals of Harmony and Contrast of Colors and Their Application to the Arts (1855), by Michel E. Chevreul and Charles Martel.

This original work is my personal version of beauty and perfection – this work is from my experience, capability, efforts, and soul. The viewer must bring his or her emotions to make the final connection and find meaning.