Gudrun Latten

Gudrun Latten is a docent at the Art Academy Esslingen and teaches art at a private secondary school in Germany. She has a University Degree in Art History and History. She is a member of several artist societies among them GEDOK and she promotes young (female) artists with a scholarship in one of this artist societies. Since 2014 Gudrun Latten has shown her photographs and videos in Venice (Italy), New York (USA), Los Angeles (USA), Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA), Paris (France), London (UK) and other countries. She has also won several awards for her photographs. She has been selected for various interviews, catalogues and magazines (international). She has already published various essays and texts in the scientific field of Art History and in the field of Art Criticism.


In December 2013 I bought a camera and began taking photographs. I'm concentrating on architectural photography, abstract photography, landscapes and staged scenes. I discuss aesthetic problems and questions with my photographs and videos. Research topics are so far the (digital) image and all its qualities, (digital) color, reality and illusion, art historical genres, pluralism in style, the ambiguity of signs, logic, gender issues and cultural issues as well as issues of identity. My videos are about figurative art and abstraction, digital color and movement. I visualize abstract content with figures. I like the idea of sensing pleasure in seeing moving colors. My ideal for art is several Surrealists and Cindy Sherman. The series »Dépaysment – Dreamtravelling through my living room« treats a new way of seeing the living room in which I’ve been living for years. I see all my personal belongings through the eyes of a child, I don’t know how to handle them correctly, and I find new functions for them. Everything seems strange and foreign. I treat childish habits. They appear to be cruel and beautiful at the same time. The tradition of Baroque Still Life is also essential to my pictures. Architectural photographs are all about geometry and the plain surface of my pictures. »# 4676« also treats individuality and mass culture. The video »extreme desires – in the mirror, leathery surfaces and under the ground« has two levels: one is narrative and about contemporary human behavior the other level is about the video itself, its material and its speed. I treat the idea that one wants to be different than others and becomes monstrous. The named desires should be perceptible when watching the video. I wanted to address desires which one doesn’t encounter in everyday life. The pictures deceive, and there is always more to it than is clear on first sight.