John Brennan

Finalist in The Contemporary British Painting Prize 2016 and 1st prize winner of the 2015 ArtGemini Prize, John Brennan has been exhibiting since 2013. He has been a finalist in many open call prizes and exhibitions including Creekside, Neo, Worcester, Ludlow, The National Open Art Competition and the ArteLaguna Prize. Brennan has also been profiled in The Oxford Times and his work appears in several jury selected publications such as the ‘State of Art’ series and the ‘Manifest International Painting Annual’.

Emotional and contextual contradiction underpins much of my painting. As an artist, I’m fascinated by a subtle sensation that I’ve come to recognise and regard as a visual paranoia of sorts. It’s something I experience momentarily, sometimes in everyday life, but crucially when I happen upon a potential source image. It can manifest itself in a wide range of subject matter, the common denominator being a sense of the uncanny or enigmatic.