Manon Labrosse

Manon Labrosse is a visual artist living in the Outaouais region in the province of Quebec in Canada. She has had a number of solo and group exhibitions and has been berecipient of various prizes, awards and grants that have contributed to the creation and exhibition of her work. Recently it is through residencies and travels along National and Provincial Parks of the Canadian East Coast that she was able to create a series that highlights unique elements in nature by using a high contrast palette of colors varying from bright neon to darker neutral tones. On top of launching her very own creative residency in Pontiac Quebec called The Cottage Creative Residency, the artist keeps her studio at home and continues to cultivate on her experiences and her appreciation for literature and movies to build her painting practice.


In my current practice, I am using the wilderness as a point of reference to create fictional landscapes stemming from my own experiences and documentation. Never seeking to replicate what I see or photograph, the documentation contributes to the aesthetics of the overall work while the experiences create a theme or atmosphere that is pure make believe to the viewer.

Literature, movies, and television references play a big part in establishing an overall theme while creating parallels to my experiences in nature. Recently these experiences derive from a residency in Algonquin Park, travels through the Canadian East Coast and outdoor activities in and around my neighborhood in the region of Pontiac Quebec. Investigating this feeling of aloneness, isolation and “feeling small”, while allowing my imagination and a slight obsession with movies and stories fill in the blanks, my work ends up telling a story, or in the case of the “LUCY” series, imagines its ending.