Shari Rubeck

American Artist, Shari Weschler Rubeck aka Sumo Bunni, holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, with a concentration in painting and art history. Professional experience includes retail, studio assistant, Artist-In-Residence and elementary arts education through her company Artrageous Adventures. Rubeck currently resides in Rhode Island USA where she operates a gallery and curates over twelve exhibits a year. Additionally, she administrates for a real estate brokerage with management of marketing, website development, social platforms and event planning.

Recent solo exhibitions include Woodman Shimko, Carver Hill, Candita Clayton & Alexey Von Schlippe Galleries. Group exhibits include Bunnycutlet, Skylight & Dacia Galleries and Call For Bushwick in NYC, Nave in Boston MA, Love Art Fair in Toronto,

Canada and AAF Stockholm, Sweden. Publications include Fresh Paint Magazine, Visual Overture Magazine, 6YL Magazine 2014 and 2015 accompanied by two pop up Australian exhibitions & a six-page feature with Emboss Magazine in July 2016. Rubeck will now join with Retrospect Galleries of Australia beginning in September 2016 and a round of Affordable Art Fairs in Europe & Asia.

My work focuses on unveiling the multiple levels of human and humanness. My goal is to create visuals that push thought into a new realm and transcend obvious assumption. As a species, we are evolving at an intriguingly fast pace with limitless trajectory. I am passionately interested in quantum mechanics, the psyche, theatre, animal nature, technology, communication and ancient history. Illusion and truth travel in unison – as an artist, it is essential to reveal some of those intertwining moments.