Emily Hoerdemann

Originally from the Midwest, Emily Hoerdemann is a Brooklyn-based artist working primarily in painting and design. Her work melds text, paint, and process in colorful collages with select pop references, slang words and catch phrases, paired with fashion or fine art cutouts. Her small-scale collages draw on her obsession with organization and as a result, each work is a delicate placing of aesthetics and color.  The Text Pieces originally came out of an exploration of curse language as a vehicle for friendly banter. Born of a personal experience in which a friendship was jeopardized when the word "bitch" was used in an affectionate, colloquial manner, these pieces act as an exploration of derogatory or offensive words used interchangeably as jovial rapport versus vicious rhetoric depending on the intended recipient. Creating the text from precise cut outs of contemporary art lots from auction catalogs; her work explores artists’ appropriation of other artworks, a long-debated hot topic where the line between homage and exploitation is often ambiguous.