Molly Catherine Scannell

I love making art in every capacity - whatever time allows. I love people, so much. In fact, that might be a secret of mine, don't tell anyone. It’s the uniqueness and individualism we all poses as humans, and we are so fragile and so intellectually beautiful all at the same time.

I’ll take an excerpt from a previous article because I feel so strongly about it:

“I am reminded of the moment that I decided I truly liked what I was making/creating/doing. It felt natural and like ‘home.' It’s important in life to embrace the moments that you have; they are all unique and will never present themselves in the same light again. Pause, take note, be inspired and apply yourself.”

The reality of my work is that I ‘make’ for myself. I think most artists do, whats the real point then? Perhaps that is selfish, perhaps its self-preservation - I’m not sure how to comment other than its incredibly satisfying and activates endorphins in my brain like running 5 miles or rowing 10 miles. It's working my emotional/creative being hard. I do enjoy the benefits of other people enjoying my art and finding the use for it. That is a huge bonus!

Marshall Arisman, whom I met my freshman year in collage as an illustration major, said it best: “You either lead the work you do, or you follow it. And if you follow it, it will take you somewhere.” It's not about what that somewhere is but the road you take to that somewhere.

I’m on a journey and so excited to see where I am headed each day, week, month, year!

All images courtesy of Molly Catherine Scannell