Sid Daniels

Sid Daniels was born in 1951, in Toronto, Canada. He drew stick figures of women in dresses from an early age.

He majored in Painting and Design and Fashion Illustration at The Ontario College of Art from 1970 to 1974, and also during this period he experimented with geometric architectural paintings, formatting his hard-edge technique style. His progression to larger works always glorified the female figure as his central character. The influence of nostalgia, fashion from the 1940s, Big Band Swing music, and MGM technicolor movie musicals was so important to Sid as influential catalysts that impacted his creative imagination. Shoes were always included in his paintings, hence his part time job working in his family’s shoe store and doodling shoes on sales receipts all of the time, so shoes became a trademark to his style.

Growing restless in Toronto, he made his way to New York City, and in 1979, at the hight and euphoria of the Disco Era, Sid immediately immersed himself into the community, joining forces with trendy Fiorucci, bringing his life-size women to life on wooden in-store display fixtures, that landed him a cover on Look Magazine. The Ann Taylor Department Store shopping bag and a greeting card line for Rockshots, also in 1979, led to his working for a series of hotel and restaurant mural assignments that included “Las Paras” in Yokohama, The Zanzibar Nightclub, The Holiday Inn, Marshall Fields’ Olympics-themed store window paintings and Bloomingdales.

His flair for fashion made a statement with album cover art for Arista, CBS, JVC, and GRP record labels. And in 1984, his “La Mode” painting became a permanent fixture on the set of the motion picture “Tootsie” with Dustin Hoffman. He contributed to fundraising institutions, with commemorative posters for The Design Industries Fights Aids and partnering with their sponsor, Absolute Vodka for the front and back covers of the program at the New York State Theater “A Demand Performance”. In 1991 Sid Daniels’ “Brazilian Follies” calendar included 12 paintings published by Landmark Calendars.

Group shows during the early to late 1990s, “New Artists at Madison Square Gardens, “New Yorkers in Barcelona”, Studio 54, Zorah Gallery, and The Dyansen Galleries all showcased his new transitional works of large scaled women in high heeled shoes and in 1997, Sid relocated to Miami Beach, where he now lives and creates. Inspirations for his new work came from Miami Beach Art Deco, and by the Latin/Cuban retro electricity all around him, hence coining his work ’Latin Deco’.

Nescafe Coffee Canada commissioned Sid to create an original artwork for a national campaign that appeared on the jar, on subways and posters for their Brazilian Brand coffee. The animated Palm Tree Lady became the symbol for his 2004 Miami Beach Festival of the Arts Poster, followed by an original work and poster in 2007 created for The Goldcoast Ballroom, and the United States Ballroom Championships poster.

In 2010 Sid’s collage collection for his one-man show “Phobias, Fantasies and Flavors” at Sol Gallery in Miami Beach, were statements on the human condition in our society. This show somehow sparked a new vision, as he transitioned to working on multiple images, paving the way to more contemporary paintings and an opportunity to show off his range of technique, emphasizing his trademark shoes, umbrellas, and statements on fashion. In 2013, his successful Parasol Series, of 14 unique interpretations of the same image, led the way to his mirrored duet paintings and in 2015 he created a collection of architectural geometric paintings for a show at De Marquez Gallery in Coral Gables, together with ‘Now or Neverland’ a show hosted by MUCE, Miami Urban Contemporary Experiment during Art Basel Miami Beach.


I am obsessed with MGM movie musicals from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Fashion, Art Deco, Brazilian Bossa Nova, jazz, dance, burlesque, and theater, are the catalysts that inspire my works on canvas. I think like a choreographer, so capturing movement, and interpreting that mood artistically is very important to me. I do this with sharp linear and textural design applications applied with a hard-edge technique and limited airbrush, a signature to my style. I create paintings in a sequential order, resembling a runway collection. I thrive on expressing my ideas with geometric flair and style, and I am continuously in a state of reinvention.

All images courtesy of Sid Daniels