Stella Diming Zhong

Stella Diming Zhong is a multimedia artist based in New York. Originally from Southern China, she has lived in Beijing, the UK and most recently the US. She received a BFA in Glass from Rhode Island School of Design in 2015. Having grown up internationally, distance and detachment lie at the core of her work. She discovers and constructs peculiar spaces in which the architecture and objects within induce remote and unfamiliar feelings. Zhong’s work has been exhibited and published internationally. Her first solo show night was held in Peninsula Art Space, NY in March 2016. She was included in the 10 Emerging Chinese Artists to Watch on Sina Contemporary.


One night, I was taking a walk after dinner in a small town in Nepal. The sky was strikingly clear after a day of rain. I looked up, and I was amazed: the sky was covered with stars all the way down to the skyline, and they seemed extremely close. I stopped to enjoy it. But after a while I realized what I was looking at were not stars, but lights from the houses that spread over the mountains that were so high that blocked half of the sky.

A couple of days later, I was on the top of one of those mountains. Clouds hovered below the peaks, and as it got dark, I was astonished again: beneath the porch, there was nothing but endless stars…

I believe in my eyes. And they believe in wonders.

All images courtesy of Stella Diming Zhong