Virginia Chiang

Virginia Chiang was born in Virginia and grew up in California. She lived in Los Angeles where she attended the Art Center College of Design and CalArts for fine art and later went on to work various corporate jobs in art and design for the next decade. In 2016, Virginia started making art again. She lives in New York City.


My work is, at the root of it all, a fascination with material objects. It is gathering tangible goods--the functional and accessible objects around me--and dissecting them, messing with them, rendering them dysfunctional or sometimes even more useful...but just in a different way. The viewer is welcomed and invited to examine the results of these experiments by touching, playing, and INTERACTING with them.

I convert objects. I pervert them. I transform them. I imbue them with a renewed purpose that I hope tickles the viewer. Or confuses them. Either way, I hope they’re unable to look at the object the same way again. If so, it is at that moment, the viewer and I are on the same wavelength, crossing space and time to occupy the same point on this earth.

All images courtesy of Virginia Chiang