Yvonne Cheah

These works are inspired by nature and beautiful landforms. Born and raised on the island of Penang, Malaysia, known as the Pearl of the Orient, I was constantly surrounded by the harmonious blend of nature and modern cityscapes. A self-taught artist, now living in and traveling the United States, a fresh and beautiful array of landscapes offers me unending inspirations for my art pieces. The arrangement of these pieces focuses on abstracted forms while encapsulating the beautiful and peaceful essence of the subject.

Painting with an organic approach, the focus on color harmony and composition does not occlude the importance of simplicity and breathable space. This vibrantly open tranquility is at the heart of the Simplicity Series that I am currently exploring. With today’s fast moving sometimes too complicated lifestyle, my goal is to share a sense of restful ease.

The ‘gem’ like colours used in the submissions are inspired by Batik, a traditional Malaysian art. As a girl, I spent my after-school time at the Batik shop my late mother managed. Surrounded and inspired by such beautiful colours and patterns, I would spend many hours drawing on the leftover or damaged cardboard backings from Batik shirts sold in the shop. This, of course, was done after my homework.

While both acrylics and oils are enjoyable to work with, most pieces in this series are painted in acrylic. This medium provides me with the ability to decide on the next ‘layer’ or step in painting quicker than oils. The creation of these pieces takes on its own energy or ‘groove’ where there is a need for things to move (in this case ‘dry’) with a continuous and organic flow.