Zhan Ni Li

Zhan Ni Li was born and raised in Shanghai, China. She moved to Toronto, Canada at the age of 20. In 2012, She received her BDes in Illustration at OCAD University. After graduation, however, she began to pursue her painting career within the contemporary art scene. Her works have been featured on online Press such as Booooooom.com, and have been shown in various exhibitions in Canada. She has also received numbers of awards including American Illustration and Creative Quarterly. Zhan Ni Li currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.


My paintings come from personal associations and experiences. They are often autobiographical, but speak to universal sentiments and shared stories. By playing with images and elements from daily life, I want to capture a moment that speak to contemporary anxieties, suggesting transplantation from one culture to another, homesickness, and the difficulty of adapting to the ever- changing circumstances of modern life. My new body of work, "Along the Way", explores wandering mental states - the way we drift in the unpredictability of life, our endless search for identity, and our attempts to make sense of our past and control our future. Rather than evoking a strong emotional response, the paintings serve as embodiments of our quiet, mysterious, and deeply familiar inner worlds.