Javier Kaplan

I'm Monty, a photographer from Argentina, currently hopping between NYC and Miami.

Born on '86. I've loved photography for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until recently that I started to take it seriously. In my teen years, I became more focused on filmmaking, and that became my life for a long time. After years of directing and editing music videos and commercials, I started production on my first feature film in 2014. Because it was a very low budget, it ended up being an excruciating and exhausting experience. I was mentally and creatively drained so, after that, I needed something that I could just go and do on my own, by myself, for myself. Photography became the answer to my frustration because it is so simple and immediate. There’s autonomy to it, which is something I appreciate and that goes very well with my personality. I'm not much of a team player.


My photography is all about capturing a certain mood. Being as I’m a bit bipolar, and as a result, a pretty eclectic person, so too is my work. I often find myself taking the most upbeat, colorful pictures, followed by some very dour ones. My style is all over the board honestly, and I like it that way. I get bored pretty fast, so I try to keep it fresh. Be it day or night, light (and lack thereof) is always my main concern. Flash light, street low light, or natural light, are always the tools I use to communicate a feeling. I search for the things everyone else is not paying attention to and try to capture it in a very minimalistic manner.