Alexander Churchill

Alexander Churchill was born in San Diego California and raised in Vermont. In his time in rural towns, Alex learned to appreciate the natural world and developed a curiosity for how humanity fits within it. Alex's curiosity for nature and science has always run parallel to his philosophical and artistic curiosity, and efforts in meeting the two have become a focus that drives his artistic practice. Alex earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Art from Green Mountain College in 2008 and works as an oil painter in Connecticut.


After certain circumstances have had me spending some time living within one of the richest communities in America right outside of New York City in Connecticut, I have found myself fascinated by the incongruous relationship between wealth and the connective bond of humanity. Coming from the contrastingly different background of rural Vermont I have found myself an outsider seeing this way of life as something wholly unnatural and dissociative. Themes like complacency, entitlement, willful ignorance and the ennui of a comfortable society have become thematic in my work, both in the context of race and class, societal systems and the context of being part of an infinitely complex natural existence.

Additionally, the processes and behavior of the human brain and how it has evolved inform much of the visual language of my work, using systems and mechanisms like behavioral psychology and phenomenon such as the "Uncanny Valley" and pereidolia serving as tools to actuate experiencing it as an interface of self-exploration. The vulnerability of the human brain in its wide spectrum of evolutionary complexity is a very interesting thing to investigate and manipulate. Higher levels of cognition are at constant odds with more ancient parts inherited from our primitive ancestors. These conflicts are key for my work as it triggers elemental and animalistic parts of the viewer like survival and interpersonal communication, while simultaneously provoking abstract thought and stimulating the analytical and inquisitive brain.

Visual Contradictions and tensions are a foundation from which the work evolves creating a dissonance that leaves the viewer with a sense of disharmonious engagement. Whether it is between empathy and mistrust, attraction and repulsion, curiosity and apathy, or the esoteric and the universally relatable, the conflict remains the most interesting and perpetually abundant subject matter.

I imagine Art as a natural phenomenon of intelligent life that occurs at a confluence between a curiosity for the extra-mental physical world and a curiosity for the internal world of the self via personal experience and how one subjectively perceives existence. My work is an attempt to interpret and express those curiosities in a way that is relevant in my own time.