David Rice

Artist David Rice renders stunning scenes of mountains, wild creatures, and cityscapes that are pleasantly interrupted with gorgeous patterns and shapes. A majestic, eclectic pack of wolves, mountain goats, cougars, and birds gather together among red and blue triangles. Beautiful botanicals display multicolored poke-a-dots and stripes. A dilapidated building is made striking with rainbow lines zigzagging out of its structure. Rice’s amazing talent in painting is only matched by his interesting and captivating compositions inspired by his love for the amazing environment he grew up around in Aspen, Colorado. A childhood filled with the outdoors and skiing with his Dad has no doubt sparked Rice's strong love for nature. The artist’s paintings of city scenes are fascinating, as there is often a person present wearing hiking gear, ready for adventure, looking out into a wild urban environment; a concrete jungle that is perhaps more foreign than the wilderness to these hikers.

David Rice earned his Bachelors Degree in Art during his time in Boulder, Colorado. Now living in Portland, Oregon, Rice currently works as an illustrator and designer at XPLR Studios on top of being an artist. He also does large-scale paintings in the form of murals, which can be found in Portland, Seattle, and Denver.