Jessie Makinson

Fall into the slightly surreal elegance that makes up artist Jessie Makinson’s dreamy paintings. The artist creates ethereal atmospheres in oils with creamy, luscious palettes, combining them with intricate patterns that form bold flatness and brilliant contrast. Each of her paintings offer an endless source of wonder and inspiration, as many of the subjects in her work appear fantastical or even allegorical. Many of Makinson’s compositions hark back to classical style and subject matter, such as her painting “Spiral Bound,” where stunning violet and blue women bathe in a candy-colored stream. The spellbinding figures in her work will transfix you in their melancholic beauty and their often bizarre positioning. In several of Makinson’s paintings, such as “MmmHmm” and “Double Sign,” the tiger-like figures sport a strange, striped pattern and contort their body in complex way, exuding confidence in their bodies and sexuality.

Working and living in London, Makinson earned a BA in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art and studied art additionally at the Royal Drawing School in London. She has showcased her incredible work all over England and has received distinguished awards and artist residencies for her accomplishments, such as her residency in Tuscany in 2013.

Christina Nafziger