Pierrette Marisa Komarek

Pierrette Marisa Komarek is a watercolorist with a passion for creating richly colored and skillfully rendered still life paintings. Read on to hear her story and to see additional works, you can follow her on Instagram!

I was born in Miami, FL but our family migrated to the northeast near Lancaster, PA when I was very young. Very early in life I discovered that I loved to paint. It seemed that I was born to paint from the first moment I touched a paint brush to color and transferred it to a piece of paper. I was captivated by color and light and I would be so involved in my work I often forgot to eat. Time stood still or flew by - I was oblivious to it when I was painting - it's all I wanted to do.

I read everything on art and painting I could find over the years and through practice and study I continuously evolved as a self taught painter. I married very young. By the time I was thirty, I was a single mom with three kids to take care of. The next 20 years left little time for painting. Now with my children grown, I can put more time into my painting and it feels like someone has opened the curtains and flooded the room with light and color again.

Some of the painters that appeal to me are Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, and Janet Fish - all bold painters. I work in watercolors and have always been fascinated by them and the effects that are possible through the process of layering. I love the process of being a still life painter. The difficulty of the medium challenges me and the effects available with transparent layering cannot be replicated in any other media to the extent it can in watercolors.

My goal is to make the ordinary extraordinary and present the viewer with a visual interpretation that is imbued with a unique character of light and color that reveals the intrinsic beauty hidden within the ordinary. I want to draw the viewer into an experience of light and color that will linger in the heart long past the experience of viewing the painting.