Ivana Besevic

Simply put, I paint my fascinations. I’m inspired by people, everyday stories, the raw and real side of us that we try to often hide, visuals and cinema. I’m also very much influenced by the way a good actor would approach his next character, from different angles, and I wonder if I could approach my portraits the same way. I’m not a conceptual artist, even though I tried, it’s just not my thing. I rely strongly on visual, I want people to look at my work and just feel things, simple as that. In fact I’m very intuitive in general, so I follow these feelings first and then I try to understand and explain it through work. It’s a really enjoyable process of thinking and discovery that usually lasts for a period of time, sort of a research until I find perfect understanding.

I experiment a lot, one thing leads to another and affects changes in my style all the time. I built a certain range throughout the years, so I paint sometimes more expressive work, and sometimes more illustrative & neat. What I seem to care about the most is the face and the expression. This is what I would like the viewer to focus on primarily, so these areas are often painted with the most detail and attention, while the rest disappears in wider and more expressive brush strokes. When successful, I think these contrasts give dynamic and life to the piece.

I have been practicing art in various mediums for the past 10+ years, from traditional, wall painting, illustration to conceptual, video art and digital photography. 
I often contribute to the causes that are important to me, such as human rights, prevention of violence against women, children, and animals. Very often these feelings will be visible in my work.