Nicole Duet

I draw and paint out of curiosity over the myriad mysterious connections between sight, experience and understanding. The act of painting is a way to explore the question of whether circumstances and things exist because we are aware of them. My questions revolve around the nature of experience, the reliability of perception, and the uncertainty of being.

Identity and the relationships between inner and outer worlds are unstable. This instability is connected to perception. For me, the interplay between the painted and the photographed, between the seen and the sensory experience is infinitely fascinating. I am drawn to moments where an underlying pulse of possibility hovers at the edges of what is apparent. At these moments it is possible for us to become lost, transformed, or transported by the act of seeing.

Painting slows time. It offers an opportunity to look deeply into these liminal moments. It is a way of seeking connections. Making work is about finding my way through and communicating the indefiniteness of experience.