Deb Chaney

Deb Chaney is an award winning contemporary abstract artist from Vancouver, BC. An elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, she has been creating, exhibiting and selling her paintings to private and corporate collectors locally and internationally for over a decade. Her work was recently described in The Georgia Strait as: “Spiritual consciousness revealed in a physical form.” Her work has appeared in Style at Home Magazine, twice featured spotlight on Saatchi Online Gallery, published in BC Artists (Leighton Press), and featured in a Rainmaker film. Vancouver City Buzz listed Deb Chaney as one of Vancouver’s Top Artists To Watch. 


Each of my paintings is an intimate visual snapshot of the evolution of my inner spiritual life. I am energized by being in the natural world and driven to create to seek respite and healing from the challenges of daily modern living on this planet. 

When I start a new painting or series, I set out some clear parameters to guide me. This could be a single question, a particularly motivating colour, or a subject or theme I am going to explore. 

Physically, I begin with a blank canvas or paper, a large palette knife, heavy body acrylic paints, gels and mediums, a flat palette sheet, and the compelling need to create. 

The first marks are made and the process begins and can last from a day to months. As I blend colors, apply paint, take it away by scratching or rubbing, working, and re-working layers of paint and mixed media, the image and the message of the particular paintings starts to reveal itself. I may embed collage, sand, or entertain the possibility of final embellishments of gestural markings in pencil, conte, pastels, stamping, or even spray paint.  All depending on the evolution of the piece and what it calls for. 

Standing back and taking time away, to think and ponder about the piece, is an integral part of my creative process. 

I do not start with a set image of how the piece will turn out. The painting often ‘shows me the way’ and I listen, as an act of surrender, balanced with guidance from the parameters I have set out for myself at the beginning that ‘keep me on track’. 

In essence, I transform feelings and curiosity from my personal life experience into these abstract paintings.

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