Ellen Dieter

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Ellen Dieter, from the age of 5, spent the afternoons visiting the Cleveland Museum of art with her grandmother. This love of art led her to her studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art and then Les Arts Appliqué while living abroad in Paris, France. 

Today, Dieter splits her time between San Diego and Honolulu. She has had a number of very successful group and solo exhibits in galleries such as The Cannon Gallery, The San Diego Art Institute, The Martha Pace Swift Gallery, The L Street Gallery, OMA's Herbert B. Turner Gallery and Cedar Street Gallery in Honolulu, to mention a few. At the beginning of 2015, she was shown at the Oceanside Museum of Art as part of the San Diego Dreaming exhibition. 

Earning multiple awards and selling globally, Dieter paints her way through life. Dieter’s paintings evoke a unique and extraordinary fusion of skill and artistic abandon, while her organic compositions capture the ephemeral vitality of modern life. The synthesis continues…. Ellen Dieter is represented by Adelman Fine Art Gallery in San Diego, California and Cedar Street Gallery in Honolulu, Hawaii.


When I paint, I am always trying to throw caution to the wind, letting it out, expressing from the inside, deliberate, yet free... arbitrary, yet intentional. Moving paint around, mixing colors, trying new ideas thrills me and I can’t not paint. 

My work is about the process. The image often comes secondary to the actual art making. I tend to work a lot in the nonobjective, abstract world of shape and color, line, and form, painting intuitively, one brush stroke leading to the next. I find that there is a poetic spirituality in the process. Figures can appear, I don’t limit myself to pure non-objective. Lines cross the canvas, words pop up out of nowhere. What happens next can be surprising, or maybe not so much! There is a definite chaos through which each work evolves, what’s left behind my be visible or not, but I always know it’s there. Creating, destructing, recreating…. 

Figuring it out, as in life, it’s the why of it all for me.