Yassine Mourit

Yassine Mourit was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco. As a child, Yassine found immense pleasure in art which blossomed into artistic interpretations and depictions grew. Yassine graduated in MA Graphic Design and Illustration in 2005 at National School of Fine Art, Casablanca, Morocco (École supérieure des beaux-arts de Casablanca). 

He has used a varied practise of sculpture, painting and music to explore the complex relationship between art and life. Over the years, he devoted himself working as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Art Director with worldwide known international brands. Also, worked on many musical projects as a musician and visual artist, one of them an International music Project with 36 musicians from all around the world (more than 10 000 copies sold all around the world).

In 2013, he moved to London where he continue working on different projects around fashion and branding. During all the years, he kept exploring different art mediums and in 2016, decided to turn his passion into a profession.

Geometry and figures are central to Yassine’s work. He paints in layers and combines elements into human life stories. His works are influenced from past and present life experiences, often focusing on human expressions, divulging secrets and exploring stories with a look of more than one meaning. Each work carries a certain story, emotion outside and inside spheres, combining abstract elements with figuration and geometrical lines. His arrangements are realistic and moves into a space of small details. 

‘I take days, weeks, months, years to make my artwork ready, and when someone asks me what inspires and influences I simple say,- today will not be the same as tomorrow or yesterday that means that I can't be inspired  and influenced by only one thing. Each day brings me something new. New ideas, philosophies, stories which I carry during the whole process of making it to come live.’

Yassine Mourit lives and works in London, United Kingdom.