Lisa Von Hoffner

Artist Lisa Von Hoffner uses a brilliant array of colors and incredible skill to create her artwork, with a subject matter focusing on issues surrounding contemporary womanhood, subverting the role of the female nude in painting. She breathes new life into the classic female nude by transforming it through vivid colors of acrylic paint, metallic vinyl, and neon lights. Her work shatters what you may think about a traditional nude painting, as each piece portrays powerful women that own the space they inhabit. They avert the male gaze by embodying their own sexuality and taking control of the position they are in, instead of simply being on display for the patriarchal eye. 

The combination of psychedelic hues and LED lights are so visually stunning in Hoffner’s work, that the women in which they surround become illuminated, demanding the attention of the viewer. The artist’s subjects are elevated to a higher state through the use of glowing backlights, which emanate incredible hues of light and shadows, forming new dimension.

“Laced with bright lights and a near hallucinatory fanfare of color, the immediate tenor of my most recent work is a carousel of revelry and excitement, similar to the buzzing allure of Vegas. Through the hallowed reiteration of circles and a hyper-spectacle of art objects, these pieces enter the realm of devotion—devout objects to be revered, objects that pay homage to the sanctity of womanhood.” 

-Lisa Von Hoffner

She completely transforms the environment around her work in such exhibitions as Radical Devotions at Harry Wood Gallery in Tempe, Arizona. The artist’s elaborate lighting and glossy props enhance her paintings and immerse the viewers into a world of mind-altering colors.  

Lisa Von Hoffner holds an MFA in Painting and Drawing from Arizona State University and has been featured in exhibitions across the United States. You can find more of her work on her website at