Kathleen Spicer

I build things.

I make sculpture that is painted. The work is abstract with reference to nature. It is a combination of many parts that come together in one image. My sculptures are organic, mathematical, animated, sensual, analytic – and have a bit of humor. Over many years I have developed work which bridges the gap between painting and object, and therefore defies category.

These recent sculptures flow like drawings in space. They are made of oil paint on wood. They are wall hung, free form, and usually about six inches deep. My sculptures are intentionally fluid and lively. I try to make them dance. There is a charge of energy in each piece – an organic sense that is usually found in living things. Shapes pass through each other and are inter-woven, activating each other. There is no starting point or ending point. Positive and negative spaces are equally important.

Color is key in every sculpture. I use thin layers over each other creating light from beneath the surface. The edges are often painted solidly to re-define the form. Each final piece has a sense of energy that comes from inside the structure and breathes outwardly.

Creating work with a sense of positive energy is my commitment. The work should not sit still but should activate the space it occupies.