Kristy Hughes

Based in Indianapolis, IN, Kristy received her BA and MA from Eastern Illinois University and her MFA in Printmaking from Indiana University, She has exhibited her work nationally and was artist in resident at Vermont Studio Center in July 2015, where she was awarded a full fellowship, Kristy was recently year-long artist in resident at the Stutz Artists Association from October 2015 – September 2016, and visiting artist in resident at MASS MoCA Residency in November 2016. She has a cactus named Cilantro and gecko, Pepperoni.


I am intrigued by the forgotten middle ground of experience, the elusive gray area neglected by a simplistic reliance on false dichotomies. Experiences are not singular nor are they binary. Instead, they are shifting, multi-faceted, and continuous. 

I bring together opposites that aren’t really, a reflection of personal and observed experiences. Beauty can be found in decay, structure in chaos, formalism emerges from a mess. My work is about when one mark becomes something greater than it seems, yet still remains itself. It is a reflection of these conundrums: 

When something shouldn’t work, but does

When beauty arises out of nothing

When silence is born from noise

My work is a nod to the human experience of simultaneously knowing and not knowing. It is about being honest, about paying attention, and it seeks to represent the excluded middle.