Loes Koomen

Loes Koomen is an Amsterdam based artist who creates striking abstract paintings through the combination of geometric patterns and saturated colors. Putting a contemporary spin on the color field movement and specifically artists such as Kenneth Noland and Morris Louis, Koomen replaces the halo effect of the earlier artists' pigment staining technique with sharp, defined edges. In this way, Koomen's paintings are a visual Tetris game, where each shape fits perfectly with the others, all within the confines of the two-dimensional picture plane. 

All images courtesy of the artist.
See additional works on her website: http://www.loeskoomen.nl/

"Loes Koomen is a very interesting example of an artist whose abstract paintings are not only very good, but who also got a lot of followers on Instagram in a very short time: almost 500 in less than two months. This is a sign that abstract painting is alive. As long as it good and as long as it is appealing to a relatively young audience. I visited her studio in Amsterdam a while ago and immediately fell in love with her hard core abstract paintings that exude the atmosphere of "Swinging London" thanks to their bright colors and at the same time are reminiscent of the Color Field painters such as Kenneth Noland and Frank Stella or even the much younger British artist Ian Davenport." - written by Manuela Klerkx

For more information about Loes Koomen please contact:
Klerkx International Art Management
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