The Secrets Behind a Good Print

The sun is breaking through the windows of Henry Lander’s apartment, hitting the golden frames on his walls and turning the rooms into spectacles. He’s a printer and artist, currently printing artworks for Artconnect Art Subscription 

“Sun is essential for the work I do”, Henry explains and continues: “to capture the colours and contrasts of an original artwork the absolute best place to photograph it is in the shadow side of a sunny room”. He started his printing studio in 2012 and has been making high quality art prints for other creatives, on the side of his own projects, ever since. “I enjoy the work, it’s an intuitive process”, he says.

Suddenly the cat Nina jumps up on the big wooden table on which Henry has laid out test prints from the projects he’s working on at the moment. The cat gracefully finds her way through the green and red abstract cutouts from Henry’s own ongoing art series Mona Lisa’s Smile and stops right next to one made from an original screen print by artist Vincent Hulme. The piece consists of multiple layers of pink forming rose shapes together. Henry has been working on getting all the aspects of the original right on the print. “Using naturally white paper like this is a way to give the print more depth”, Henry says.