Jeremy Nichols

Jeremy Nichols meticulously renders graphite drawings of spatial complexity, creating forms that gravitate and explode in various directions. Many of his drawings, like the work in his series Out of Sight, Out of Mind, seem to have microorganisms swimming across the composition. It is as if these are the unstable particles that make up the floating, uncharted worlds from his series Outside/In. In this series, each hovering formation is made up of organic substances that seem to be alive as they flow and drip out from the structure’s surface, while they also contains geometric shapes that give it more of a stable core. These floating structures become living entities made up of conflicting facets that pull the form in different directions, altering its shape. We as viewers are confronted with their intricacy, forcing us to slow down and investigate each detail to understand the complicated structures within Nichols’ subjects.

Nichols explains, “The work manipulates my perception of reality through dreamscapes, offering a representation of the chaotic harmony that led to my feelings of isolationism. By combining the repetitive elements of architectural design with familiar patterns found in nature, I hope to enhance the relationship and energy between landscapes and the human condition.”

Nichols’ work has moved into the realm of murals, which can be found all over Portland, where the artist currently lives and works. These pieces stay true to the unique aesthetic found in his drawings, but are now on a much larger scale and incorporate brilliant colors.