Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright offers us haunting, fleeting memories of childhood in her pink and baby blue hued paintings of adolescence. Images of cheerful flora and calm waters combined with light pastels give her work a light-hearted aura, but not without mysterious undertones.  By including a harsh black background in many of her compositions, like in her paintings Silver Birch and Fastened By A Button Of Silk, she moves her once serene mood into intriguing uncertainty. Details are hidden, such as facial features, as Wright paints them out with black paint, leaving the identity of the figure unknown. Others are abstracted by her clever use of color that breaks up and flattens the space.

Wright explains,

“Childhood adornments of bonbons, ribbons and laces may have altered considerably but what they represent has not: the inevitable and irresistible desire to escape prepubescence with the trying on of the adult persona. By pulling visual threads through time and fastening them to the present, these gently unsettling images pinch the viewer and connect them with a shared history.”

The artist often draws influence from art history as she focuses on the figure, while at the same time painting them in a new and refreshing style.  Currently living and working in Cornwall, England, Wright is an accomplished artist that has shown her work all over the world in places like Miami, London, New York City and Hong Kong.