Lina Lundberg's Art of Jewelry

Designer Lina Lundberg is working on her latest piece of jewelry in her Friedrichshain apartment. The sound of hammering fills the working space as she’s giving a small silver ring a “rougher” look. She started her own label, Lina Lundberg Jewelry,  back in 2015 and has been building her collection ever since. “Making jewelry is my outflow where I can just have fun and play”, she explains.

Originally from Stockholm, Lina moved to Berlin in 2009 after she’d been selected to do a jewellery residency at the studio Spreeglanz with five other designers. “At this time I was exploring different materials and worked a lot with recycling and upcycling”, Lina says and continues: “Part of the studio’s concept was to be experimental, which was very rewarding for us designers”.

She quickly grew fond of both Berlin and Spreeglanz. Instead of staying at the studio for one year, which was the original plan, she ended up working there until it closed in 2011. “Berlin is so diverse and has such an allowing spirit compared to Stockholm, experiencing new places helps you leave old patterns and imaginations”, she says.