Whitney Bedford

The paintings of Whitney Bedford build up expressive, heavy strokes of electric pinks, reds and oranges to create her unique, unnatural landscapes. The flat planes of colour that often make up the backgrounds of her work contrast the more intricate, complex scenery of trees and plants that live in the foreground. Thick brush strokes are laid across Bedford’s landscapes, creating dramatic lines that dissect her compositions. This technique beautifully blurs and abstracts Bedford’s paintings, leaving her viewers in a hazy vision of plants that often seem foreign, as if they are not from our planet. 

In her other series’, Bedford focuses on a variety of different subjects such as the sea, fireworks, birds, and shipwrecks. In her shipwreck series, her vivid reds and oranges turn into fiery waves of dangerous waters, ready to swallow any ship whole. In her firework series, these hues transform into clouds of bursting colours that zigzag across dark skies. The artist’s work often pits brilliant shades of paint against deep, black background, which forms a startling contrast that is unique to her style.

Based in Los Angeles, Whitney Bedford has been awarded many awards for her talents and has had solo shows in places like NYC, Berlin and Paris while participating in group exhibitions all over the world. She is also represented by Carrie Secrist Gallery in Chicago.