Bengoa Vázquez

The work of Spanish artist Bengoa Vázquez has elements of both the whimsical and surreal. While her compositions tend to be minimalist with muted tones, the juxtapositions between the various subjects and the illusion of depth through layering creates a strong visual impact. Follow her on Instagram here to see more amazing work!

I always
try to suggest using symbolic elements

I habitually
experiment with new languages

I still
try to be committed

I often
found the duality I am seeking

I am occasionally
able to instil a feeling

I sometimes
would like to be more direct

I rarely
refrain from mixing different disciplines

I hardly ever
endeavour to create art, just to express myself

I never
face a new project without having done some
reflecting on it

Pause. The explorer wanders through the space trying to find a corner that is sufficiently her own.

Bengoa Vázquez is an illustrator and set and graphic designer based in Madrid where she also teaches at Centro Universitario de Artes TAI.

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