Ian Hodgson

Minimalist and monochromatic, the drawings of Brighton based artist Ian Hodgson are as much studies of positive versus negative space as they are of black versus white or sharp versus blurred. Teetering on the edge of realism, the recognizable forms and figures are abstracted through hazy layers of graphite. The result is atmospheric and visually alluring; in some cases energetic, but in others almost ethereal. Please visit his website to see additional works or follow him on Instagram here

After graduating with a first class honours degree in fine art from Bradford College of Art in 2000, Ian Hodgson moved to Brighton where he continues to live, work and exhibit his art on a regular basis.

Working predominantly in graphite, Ian’s drawings extend from the figurative through to the more abstract and experimental. Engaged with identity and place, his work explores the transformative process of journeys filtered through memory. Ian's drawing process often leads to re-visiting objects, figures and spaces and this reworking of the familiar has allowed his drawing practice to develop with each new approach, shedding fresh light on his subject matter.

After being asked to test Derwent’s XL graphite blocks post production, Ian’s work was then used for advertising and promotion of the product. He won the Finest Drawing Prize in The National Open Art Prize in 2013 for his piece ‘Chrysalis’, pictured below.

Alicia Puig