Affordable Art Fair Battersea set to explore links between art and wellbeing

Hicks Gallery: Amy Judd,  Bath White

Hicks Gallery: Amy Judd, Bath White

In a bid to dust off London’s winter blues, next month’s Affordable Art Fair plans to unearth the links between art and wellbeing as new collections, workshops and practical sessions turnBattersea Park into a hub of serenity.

Taking place from Thursday 9th – Sunday 12th March, it will host a selection of artists and interactive workshops which explore the benefits of art when it comes to tranquillity, mindfulness and mental wellbeing.

Offering a feast for the eyes and soul, workshops – hosted by the likes of Paint Jam and City Lit – will include meditation classes surrounded by peaceful artworks and relaxing practical sessions such as paper folding. Mindful photography will even encourage busy snappers to take stock and appreciate the thousands of images they capture and share on social media day to day.

Jonathan Hillson

Jonathan Hillson

Championing up and coming artists, the fair’s Platform Projects installations will include a piece from Jonathan Hillson, who’ll explore art’s influence on our perception of beauty. His video installation, ‘I AM HUMAN' will stack TVs showing parts of the human body to create one giant image – inspired by Da Vinci’s depiction of the modern man. An immersive light sculpture called ‘Flown’ by Esther Rolinson and Sean Clark will also be unveiled, using hundreds of illuminated LEDs to create a cloud-like effect that floods with colour in response to any environmental changes around it.

Frames: Lucy Campbell,  Flights of Fancy

Frames: Lucy Campbell, Flights of Fancy

The four-day event will see a diverse line up of artists showcasing a mix of contemporary paintings, editioned prints, sculptures and photography – each selling at accessible prices from just £100 - £6,000.

Many will have drawn on their own experience of using art to aid their own wellbeing – including Platform Project artist Zac Greening who began his career as a means of therapy to cope with the loss of his father, and Sally Buchanan who left her busy job as a GP of 25 years to follow her dream and use art to explore the links between arts and wellbeing.

Sam Gare, Director of Affordable Art Fair Battersea, said: “There’s no doubt that art has the power to impact our day to day lives. Whether it’s simply immersing us into a different world or as a means of therapy, our artists and creative partners coming to Battersea next month can all draw on the positive impact art has had on their lives. We can’t wait to show visitors the effects for themselves as we kick off our first fair of the season next month.”

This year’s Charity Private View on Wednesday 8th March will be in support of Barnardo’s. The children’s charity will be announcing the winner of its competition ‘I Am’ – which called on school children to answer key questions about themselves, and their potential, through art in a bid to celebrate and empower them. The winning entry will be announced by artist Anthony Burrill on the night.

Gas Gallery: Kate Banazi,  CurvedSpace1

Gas Gallery: Kate Banazi, CurvedSpace1

The March edition comes hot off the heels of the launch of the fair’s new online shopping platform, which will offer art fans an opportunity to purchase artworks they may have fallen in love with – but missed out on – at the fair.

The Affordable Art Fair has revolutionised and democratised the art market with its accessible approach, bringing art under £6,000 to its three UK locations: Battersea Park, Hampstead Heath, and Bristol – all complemented by the new ecommerce platform.

It offers first time buyers and serious collectors a unique opportunity to browse and buy a huge variety of art under one roof, and has become a global phenomenon with 14 fairs in 10 cities across several continents.

The Affordable Art Fair Battersea opens its doors to the public on Thursday 9th March and runs until Sunday 12th March.

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