Ali Williams

Ali M Williams is an artist from Philadelphia. She has exhibited her work and murals internationally, and has created art-based curriculum for use in schools and community workshops throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. 

Ali is interested in how visually altering a space with public art affects the surrounding environment. Her murals invite you inside a collaged, fabricated dreamscape of paint, mysterious beauty, and contemporary iconography. Her work touches on the complexity of the human spirit; she often utilizes the female portrait as a means of self-reflection and identity. Her advocacy for environmental and wildlife conservation are also prevalent in her paintings. She regularly uses negative space, juxtaposing methods and visuals to help tell a story. Symbolic elements, graphic imagery, and muted tones in contrast with vibrant colors and realism are frequent components of her workShe has worked with numerous education and community outreach programs such as Cancer Treatment Centers of America, The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, Riverside Correctional Facility, Zambia Tukongote Community Projects, The Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, and Mural Arts Philadelphia. Some of her most recent clients include Zappos, The NFL, New Balance, Nasdaq, and The Schulson Collective. 

See more of her work at and get an inside peek on her instagram: @alimwilliams.