Alvīne Bautra

The realistic paintings by Alvīne Bautra depict people dissolving into empty space. Painting compositions embody the feeling of movement in slow motion. The multiple and overlapping faces and body parts seem to slip away, however, the characters glance straight to the viewer with expressions of indifference, slight or grotesque smile and boredom.

Alvīne Bautra paintings reflect human existence. The inner world which faces unknown thoughts and emotions which are not noticed to others. Unknown about known. The artist also considers movement as a metaphor of human being, the humans’ multi-layered nature, diversity and also uncertainty. Through the paintings she outlines the complicity of human mind and body in the existence. It is individuals’ transformation that leads into the unknown.

In 2016 graduated from Art Academy of Latvia Painting department, BA. Currently studies in Art Academy of Latvia, MA. In 2014 studied at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee in Germany.

Alvīne Bautra was born in 1990, currently lives and works in Riga, Latvia.