Andrew Poneros

Andrew Poneros was born and raised in Queens, New York. In 2002, he received a BA in Design from Pratt Institute. Heavily influenced by an upbringing immersed in New York City graffiti culture, his street art can be seen all around the city under the moniker PORK. Largely inspired by the iconography of his Greek heritage, much of his work contains elements of his own playfully apocalyptic ethos. Poneros' work has been exhibited in galleries around the world including New York City, South Hampton, Miami, Aspen, Switzerland, Athens, Mexico City, and more. Over the years his medium has evolved to include light sculptures, with a focus on a series of various chandelier works. In recent years, his work is informed by his nautical lifestyle as a sea captain, and the inherent romanticism of his time spent sailing and exploring the waters of New York. Poneros currently works out of his studio based in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


My work is my own mythology. In its dark, playful nature, I aim to touch upon the dark comedy of life. Metaphorical creatures and symbols represent the world as I see it. How they interact is how we interact. Though the symbolism remains the same, my medium is always changing. Currently working with light, I seek to send my message through an almost religious experience and establish a certain godlike reverence in its warmth.