Anna Belleforte

Canadian-Dutch artist Anna Belleforte creates aesthetically diverse work exploring the built environment: our attitudes to, the experience of and interaction with architecture, the city, and the broader landscape. Each new series is a new approach in which she aims to uncover or set the stage for stories related to our man-made surroundings, whether in the context of personal or collective experiences. She draws strongly on a professional background in heritage and urban planning. Lives and works in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.


The Architactile series merges soft or organic printed images to create a feeling of space that is more tactile. Through the process of ‘building,' a new reality is imagined on a 2-dimensional plane, a hyper-realistic architecture that begs to be touched or experienced. The images remain photographic in feel, and mysterious, with some allusion to story potential within the space, but viewers are free to form their own narratives.

All images courtesy of Anna Belleforte